Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Plowing & Ice Control Services in Louisville, KY Since 1992:

Since 1992 you can rely on Skip’s Construction Company’s snow removal team in the Louisville, KY area for all of your snow removal and ice control needs. Unlike many of our competitors, we use Bobcats for parking lots and “hand shoveling” for sidewalks. Clean parking lots, sidewalks and entries allow you remain “open for business” and directly serve the needs of your clients and customers.

We use Calcium Chloride for concrete sidewalks and Salt for parking lots
Our snow removal team is on call 24/7 in the Louisville, KY area only @ (502) 448-2334
Pre-treatment for Ice Control is available
Contracts for snow plowing and ice control services are also available
Skips Construction is committed to serving all of our commercial customers with the highest degree of professionalism. Skips Construction can maintain site safety during winter weather events.
Our goal is to provide timely, excellent service that ensures our commercial customers the quality they expect.
We Offer Commercial Snow Plowing & Salting / Calcium Chloride for Ice Control in the Louisville, KY area ONLY.
Current Equipment: 3-Bobcats with 8′ Plows, 3-Trucks with 8′ Boss Plows, 2-Trucks with SnowEx V-Box Salt Spreaders, 1-SnowEx Tailgate Spreader and 2-SnowEx Walk Behind Spreaders

Current Clients:

◦Bank of America
◦Walgreens Pharmacy
◦Fifth Third Banks
◦Norton’s Hospital Parking Garages
◦Holiday Inn Express
◦Color Corporation-Valspar
◦Angilo’s Pizza
◦Family Dollar Stores

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